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    Posted at Mar-29-2019 08:40:17 PM
    Hi everyone, Robert checking in again. We really love our platform and are eager as ever to tell our investors a little bit more about the Smartrex platform.

    In the high frequency trading world it’s interesting to speculate. Whenever there is a massive stock sell-off or downright crash, how much of the dip is due to people just freaking out? It’s in the human nature to start selling their stocks when everyone else seems to be selling as well. Some people’s fear makes them sell their stock when it tanks, for no rational reason. Say what you will about them, but automated trading systems don’t succumb to emotion like that.

    Indeed, a strong case can be made that not only do automated trading systems avoid making this uniquely human mistake, but they can mitigate the negative consequences when the humans do succumb to panic. The Smartrex HFT system considers the so-called fundamentals of a company— sales, earnings, dividends, and the like—when determining a reasonable range for a company’s stock price. Our research and algorithms go hand in hand to provide profit for our investors again and again, day after day.